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On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Alton Cumbo, 30, of Edgewood, was found guilty of Murder in the Second Degree, Use of a Firearm in Commission of a Felony, and Illegal Possession of a Firearm following a five day jury trial before the Honorable Diane Adkins-Tobin.

Evidence presented in trial proved that on December 10, 2021, deputies responded to Dembytown Road in Joppa for reports of a single vehicle accident. Upon arrival, they discovered the victim slumped over in the driver’s seat. While attempting to revive him, the EMS team discovered a bullet wound just under his right eye. Although they were initially able to get a pulse, the victim was pronounced deceased within one hour of the call for service. His body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy, and they determined that his death was, in fact, caused by the gunshot wound and ruled it a homicide. During the course of their investigation, Harford County Sheriff’s Office detectives found belligerent text messages sent to the victim’s phone from a person listed as “Reject P” who was quickly identified to be the Defendant, Alton Cumbo. Law enforcement obtained further cellular phone data that placed Cumbo in the area of the murder at the time of the crime. This was later confirmed through collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Following his arrest, Cumbo divulged information regarding the murder to other detainees while incarcerated. Detectives were able to confirm the information provided to those inmates. That evidence was presented in trial and also led to the charging a co-defendant who assisted Cumbo in fleeing the scene of the murder. Cumbo continues to be held without bail pending sentencing in this case, which is currently scheduled for April 22, 2024.

Following the trial, State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey stated, “I am immensely proud of the work my office is doing everyday in putting violent criminals, like Alton Cumbo, behind bars. Our community should not be subjected to violence such as this and is safer today with this successful verdict. We will continue to uphold our responsibility to this community by holding violent offenders accountable and removing them from our communities. I hope that this conviction brings some closure to the victim’s family and am grateful that our office has taken another murderer off our streets.”

State’s Attorney Healey commends Assistant State’s Attorney Jason Allen for his tremendous effort in obtaining this conviction and for his skilled trial work throughout the course of these proceedings. She also thanks Detective Moro, Detective Wilsynski, and all the members of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office that participated in the investigation of this case, which ultimately led to the successful prosecution of this Defendant.


On Thursday, February 8, 2024, Jose Wilfred Orellana-Cedillos, 33, of Bel Air, Maryland was found guilty by a jury of Second Degree Rape, Fourth Degree Sex Offense, and Second Degree Assault following a five-day jury trial before the Honorable Diane Adkins Tobin.

Evidence presented during the trial proved that on July 14, 2023, the Bel Air Police Department responded for a reported rape of a 23-year-old woman. The victim testified that Orellana asked her for a kiss to which she said no. Orellana continued to pursue her, groping her breasts, digitally penetrating her, and forcibly raping her in the basement of the residence while she was doing laundry. The victim was related to the mother of the Defendant’s children who were inside the residence when the incident occurred. Orellana was apprehended later that evening during a traffic stop. The victim was taken to Harford Memorial Hospital for a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination. A Forensic Nurse Examiner determined that the victim had bruising to her breasts with the assistance of an Alternative Light Source (ALS) and injuries to her vagina consistent with non-consensual intercourse. DNA taken from the victim’s breasts was analyzed by the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division and matched the Defendant.

Sentencing is currently set for April 15, 2024, where Orellana-Cedillos faces up to 20 years of incarceration for Second Degree Rape, one year for Fourth Degree Sex Offense, and 10 years for Second Degree Assault. He is currently held at the Harford County Detention Center pending sentencing. The Defendant is also held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement
detainer. Orellana could also face immigration consequences as a result of this conviction and is subject to removal proceedings following the completion of his sentence in this case.

Following the conviction State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey offered the following comments: “Reporting a sexual assault requires an immense amount of courage, particularly in a case such as this one where the victim is acquainted with the Defendant. The victim demonstrated that courage in this case by confronting her abuser through her report of this offense and through her testimony in trial. Our community is much safer with this Defendant behind bars, and we are relieved that he will face a substantial sentence criminally in this case. We are also optimistic that he will face the appropriate immigration consequences as well.”

State’s Attorney Healey thanks Deputy State’s Attorney David W. Ryden for his pursuit of justice in this case and for being an advocate for this victim during this challenging trial process. She also commends Officer McCraghan, Detective Vivino and Officer Maldonado of the Bel Air Police Department for their efforts in investigating and preparing this case for trial.
Further, she acknowledges the expert witnesses from both the Maryland State Police and Harford Memorial Hospital for their important work in corroborating the victim’s testimony and assisting with the successful prosecution of this case.


On Monday, December 18, 2023 Ashley Pearl Zentz, 36, of Edgewood, appeared in the Circuit Court of Harford County for sentencing following her conviction for First Degree Murder after a six-day jury trial in October of this year. The state requested a sentence of life, suspend all but 72 years to serve and 5 years for the Motor Vehicle Theft count, running consecutively.

Ultimately, the court sentenced Zentz to Life, suspend all but 60 years to serve. Additionally, she was sentenced to 5 years for the Motor Vehicle Theft count in the same case, which will run concurrently with the sentence above. A previous press release indicated these charges followed an incident in February 2022 where 71-year-old Gerald Champ was murdered in his home. His death was later determined to be the result of blunt force trauma to the skull.

Following the sentencing, State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey offered the following comment: “This significant sentence is a huge victory for the safety of Harford County and removes a violent murderer from our community for decades to come. I commend Mr. Champ’s daughter for her courage in delivering such a graceful and sincere victim impact statement during sentencing. It is my sincere hope that this sentence provides some closure to Mr. Champ’s entire
family and affords them some peace in knowing the person responsible for his death was brought to justice.”

Ms. Healey thanks Deputy State’s Attorney Trenna Manners for her continued advocacy for the victim throughout the many stages of this case and for her efforts in securing this significant sentence.


RE: State of Maryland vs. Luke Powell

On Monday, December 11, 2023, Luke Edward Powell, 24, of Edgewood, Maryland, was convicted of Attempted First Degree Murder, Assault in the First Degree, two counts of Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence, and Transporting a Handgun in a Vehicle, following a nine-day jury trial in the Circuit Court for Harford County before the Honorable M. Elizabeth Bowen.

Evidence presented at trial showed that on September 5, 2022, deputies responded to 2016 Cherry Road, Edgewood, pursuant to a 911 call for shots fired. Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office assumed the investigation, which revealed that the shooting occurred at the intersection of Hanson Road and Edgewood Road. The Defendant, Luke Powell, rode a red and white dirt bike and fired multiple shots at the victims, a male and his father, while they were in their vehicle at the red light. The younger male victim was familiar with the Defendant and identified the shooter as Luke Powell, who resided at 2016 Cherry Road. The vehicle sustained damage from the bullets. However, neither victim was seriously injured.

A search of the intersection produced two spent .380 caliber shell casings in the roadway where the victims stated the shooting occurred. These casings were later identified as the same caliber, manufacturer, and year of manufacture as ammunition recovered from the defendant’s home after a search warrant was lawfully executed. The defendant’s red and white dirt bike was also located hidden in thick brush behind his residence and was still hot to the touch, contrary to his denial of owning or riding a dirt bike that day. In addition to ammunition, detectives also located a firearm case and a magazine for a .380 caliber handgun in the defendant’s bedroom. The firearm used was never located. Ring video footage depicted the defendant removing the same dirt bike from his shed and riding it down the roadway just prior to the shooting. The footage also showed the defendant returning home in the same clothing but changing shirts prior to deputies’ arrival on scene. Sentencing in this matter is currently set for March 22, 2024.

After the jury returned their guilty verdict, State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey provided the following statement: “Justice was served today for these two victims when a Harford County jury found Mr. Powell guilty of his crimes. This verdict further ensures that the Defendant will be off of the streets of our community and will be unable to perpetrate any further crimes of violence for the foreseeable future, if ever. I commend the victims in this matter for their strength and willingness to testify in this case, and it is my sincere hope that they heal from this terrifying event and move forward in the most positive way possible. Using a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence, especially with the intent to take the life of one of our citizens, is an intolerable act, and the State will seek a sentence that sends that strong message.”

State’s Attorney Healey went on to thank Detective DeFazio and Detective Wilsynski as well as the entire Harford County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division for their efforts surrounding this case. Additionally, she commends Deputy State’s Attorney Trenna Manners for her preparation, advocacy, and commitment to this case, as well the countless hours of work that she spent bringing this Defendant to justice.


RE: State of Maryland vs. Bernard Lamont Staten

On Monday, December 4, 2023, Bernard Lamont Staten, 68, of Edgewood, Maryland, pled guilty to Attempted Second Degree Rape and Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine in two separate cases before the Honorable Judge Diane Adkins-Tobin. Both pleas were binding plea agreements, and Staten will be sentenced to 30 years to serve on December 18, 2023, the maximum of 20 years to serve on the Attempted Second Degree Rape and 10 years to serve consecutive on the Possession with Intent to Distribute, which was above the sentencing guidelines.

Facts presented to the court in support of both guilty pleas revealed that on January 24, 2023, a woman was stranded on the side of the road, awaiting a tow truck. Despite not knowing her, the Defendant offered to give her a ride to her home in Westminster, Maryland. The Defendant instead traveled to the Motel 6 in Edgewood, Maryland. He then grabbed her arm, removing her from the truck and taking her into a room he had rented at that hotel. Once inside the room, he pushed her onto the bed and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse with her. The victim attempted to scream and refuse his advances, and the Defendant placed a pillow over her face to quiet her while he tried to remove her pants continuing to indicate his desire to engage in sexual intercourse. The victim continued to yell and began kicking the wall and elsewhere to fight off the Defendant, and eventually, she believed she kicked him in the groin area, which allowed her to run out of the room. Once out of the room, she got the attention of a guest in another room, who contacted law enforcement on her behalf. The Defendant tried to lure the victim back into his vehicle, a Chevrolet Avalanche, by telling her that he had her wedding rings which he had removed from her finger in the truck, and she should come retrieve them, which the victim refused to do. Harford County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies responded to the scene, and later the Criminal Investigations Division pursued the investigation. Pursuant to that investigation, on January 26, 2023, Harford County Sheriff’s Office detectives conducted a Search and Seizure Warrant on the Chevrolet Avalanche belonging to Staten where they located the victim’s rings. In addition to the rings, the detectives also located over 13 grams of crack cocaine in individually wrapped bags in the vehicle and over $965 in cash on the Defendant’s person when he was arrested. The quantity of the cocaine and other circumstances indicated that the Defendant possessed the cocaine with the intent to distribute that substance resulting in the second case.

At the conclusion of the plea proceedings, State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey, who prosecuted this case, stated “Given the Defendant’s age, a thirty-year sentence in these cases ensures that the community will never again be at risk to be victimized by this Defendant. In addition, it also continues our message to our community that we will not tolerate these acts of violence, distribution of drugs, or any type of crime for that matter in Harford County. I commend the victim in this case for her strength on the night of this incident and hope that she will feel safe knowing that Mr. Staten is no longer a threat to her or this community.”

Additionally, Ms. Healey expresses her gratitude to Detective Reynolds, Detective Smith, Sergeant Maddox, Detective Pachkoski, Detective Majewski, Detective Wilsynski, Sergeant Underhill, and the entire Harford County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division for their diligence in investigating this case, as she could not have received this substantial sentence without their hard work.


RE: State of Maryland vs. Tavon Isaiah Harvey
On Monday, October 23, 2023, Tavon Isaiah Harvey, 29, of Aberdeen, Maryland pled guilty in three separate cases before the Honorable Kevin J. Mahoney. Harvey pled guilty in the most serious case to one count of First Degree Rape. In the other two cases, Harvey pled guilty to one count of an Inmate Causing Contact with Bodily Fluid and entered into an admission to violating probation for a prior conviction for Second Degree Assault (the equivalent of a guilty plea for a Violation of Probation proceeding).

Facts presented to the court in support of the guilty plea on the charge of First Degree Rape revealed that on December 30, 2022, the victim reported a rape to the Aberdeen Police Department. Officer Haddix assumed the investigation which revealed Harvey vaginally and anally penetrated the victim over the course of two hours between midnight and 2 A.M. that same date. The victim identified Harvey via an MVA photograph and further reported seeing Harvey watching her walk into the police precinct that morning wearing the same clothes, a distinctive red sweatsuit. The rape occurred inside an abandoned building at 18 N. Law Street in Aberdeen. Harvey held the victim at knifepoint during the rape and also strangled her. The victim was able to escape when another individual entered the abandoned house, distracting Harvey. Harvey was Mirandized and gave several conflicting versions of events, to include that he had not seen the victim and only knew her in passing. A Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (“SAFE”) was conducted, evidencing injuries and bruising consistent with the victim’s recitation of events. DNA evidence was also collected during the SAFE exam, which confirmed Harvey’s identity as the assailant.

In Harvey’s second case, evidence showed that on April 8, 2023, while being held at the Harford County Detention Center awaiting trial, Harvey used empty bottles from his shower items to collect fecal matter, which he then sprayed over the bars and walls of the day room during shift change. Responding deputies and correctional officers were forced to decontaminate the area.
Harvey remains held without bond at the Harford County Detention Center while awaiting sentencing which is currently scheduled for January 25, 2024. Pursuant to the plea agreement in the First Degree Rape case, the State will be arguing for a sentence of Life suspend all but eighty-five (85) years of active incarceration to serve.
At the conclusion of the proceedings, State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey offered the following comment: “Harford County has no place for violent criminal offenders like Tavon Harvey. The egregious acts that were perpetrated upon his victim in the rape case were nothing short of horrific. It is my sincere hope that the First Degree Rape conviction will give the victim some relief that justice was served as she closes this chapter and begins to heal. Mr. Harvey’s blatant disregard for others as demonstrated in all three of these cases
sends a clear message that he should be removed from our community for as much of the remainder of his life as possible, if not all of it, so he cannot continue to harm the citizens of our community. Our office continues to repeatedly send the message that we will not tolerate criminal behavior in Harford County.”

Ms. Healey continued on to express her gratitude to Deputy State’s Attorney Trenna Manners for her hard work in securing this plea agreements in these cases, for her advocacy on behalf of the victims, and for ensuring that another violent criminal is removed from the streets of Harford County. She also thanks Officer Haddix and the Aberdeen Police Department for their diligence in the investigation of the rape case and the correctional staff at the Harford County Detention Center for their efforts in the Bodily Fluids case and in housing Harvey while awaiting trial.


Date: October 23, 2023
Re: State of Maryland vs. Ashley Pearl Zentz

On Thursday, October 19, 2023, Ashley Pearl Zentz, 34, of Edgewood, was found guilty of First Degree Murder and Motor Vehicle Theft, following a six-day jury trial in the Harford County Circuit Court.
During the trial, evidence was presented before the Honorable Diane Adkins-Tobin that on Friday, February 18, 2022, at approximately 7:56 a.m., Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a 911 call at 2310 Perry Avenue in Edgewood, Maryland, after 71-year-old Gerald Champ was discovered deceased by his daughter inside his home. Family members had not been able to reach Mr. Champ for days prior to the discovery and further reported his 2003 Ford Explorer to be missing from the residence. An autopsy revealed the homicide occurred as a result of blunt force trauma, with prong-like defects embedded in the skull, including multiple skull fractures, and defensive wounds to his hands and arms.

Detectives Golden and Gividen assumed the case, locating a crowbar in the victim’s home, and it was identified as the murder weapon. Through the course of the investigation, suspects were developed, including Ashley Pearl Zentz, who knew the victim and his family for over twenty years. Family members of the victim located the victim’s missing Ford Explorer abandoned in Baltimore County near a home invasion in which Zentz and the same co-defendant were involved which occurred within 24 hours of when the victim was believed to have been murdered. A silver Infiniti QX80 stolen during the Baltimore County home invasion was later recovered less than one mile from Zentz’s parents’ home. Forensic evidence, including DNA, cell phone downloads, and surveillance video, linked Zentz to the Harford County murder and the Baltimore County home invasion.

Following the jury’s verdict, Zentz was returned to the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Maryland where she is currently serving a sentence for her conviction in the Baltimore County home invasion case. She will be sentenced for the conviction for First Degree Murder of Mr. Champ and Motor Vehicle Theft of his vehicle by Judge Adkins-Tobin on Monday, December 18, 2023.

State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey said after the conviction: “I send my sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Champ for their loss. While I know nothing can ever bring him back to them, it is my sincere hope that, despite a long and challenging court process, these convictions will bring them some closure. Our office will continue to fight for justice for all victims of crime in Harford County, and today we are happy that we have brought justice to Mr. Champ’s family for this senseless act of violence that took the life of their loved one.”
Ms. Healey commends Deputy State’s Attorney Trenna Manners for her preparation, advocacy, and most importantly, her vigorous pursuit of justice in this case. She also thanks Detectives Golden and Gividen and the other members of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and Criminal Investigations Division involved in this case for their hard work and investigation. Finally, she thanks all the State’s Attorney’s Office Staff that worked together with Deputy State’s Attorney Manners to assist in diligently preparing this case for trial.


BEL AIR, MARYLAND (October 12, 2023) – State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey announced that
Sean Leigh Sconion, 33, of Aberdeen, Maryland pled guilty and was sentenced to 25 years of incarceration for Attempted Second Degree Murder, Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence, and Illegal Possession of a Regulated Firearm by a Felon on October 10, 2023.

The charges originated from a shooting that occurred at TB3 Bar & Grill located at 705 S. Philadelphia Boulevard in Aberdeen on March 4, 2022. Officers from the Aberdeen Police Department responded to TB3 and located the victim with two gunshot wounds to the abdomen. He was transported to Johns Hopkins Bayview for emergency treatment. The suspect was described as a black male wearing an orange coat. Video from TB3 showed the victim opening the front door of the bar allowing Sconion to exit. The two had a verbal exchange related to the victim holding the door open for Sconion, and both individuals entered the bar. Sconion exited the door a short time later followed closely by the victim, and Sconion was observed retrieving a handgun from his waistband, turning toward the victim, and firing two rounds at the victim at close distance. Sconion fled the scene on foot and was picked up by a vehicle operated by Otis Lavelle Huff, also of Aberdeen.

The Honorable Paul W. Ishak accepted the plea agreement imposing 30 years suspending all but 20 years to serve for Attempted Second Degree Murder, 15 years suspending all but 5 years consecutive for Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence to be served without the possibility of parole, and 10 years all suspended and consecutive to the other sentences for the Illegal Possession of a Regulated Firearm for a total of 55 years with all but 25 years suspended, 5 of which are without the possibility of parole. Sconion will be on five years of supervised probation upon any release from incarceration. This sentence exceeds the Maryland sentencing guidelines recommended in this case.

State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey commented on the plea: “Once again, the State’s Attorney’s Office for Harford County under my administration was able to remove a violent offender from the city of Aberdeen and Harford County. Despite the horrific actions of the Defendant in this case, I am sincerely grateful that the victim recovered from his injuries. The substantial and meaningful sentence in this case, in large part, is credited to the cooperation of the victim, who thankfully recovered from his injuries, and the hard work of the members of the Aberdeen Police Department during the investigation. This sentence structure ensures that the Defendant serves as much time as possible with consecutive sentences and a portion of it being without the possibility of parole.”

Ms. Healey thanks Deputy State’s Attorney David W. Ryden for his advocacy in obtaining a sentence above the recommended guidelines. She also thanks Lieutenant Persuhn, Corporal Shoffstall, and the Aberdeen
Police Department for their investigation leading to Sconion’s identification and arrest. Sconion’s coDefendant Huff pled guilty in 2022 to being an Accessory After the Fact and was sentenced to 5 years of incarceration for his role.


On September 12, 2023, Matthew Dwight Tingler, 39, of Joppa, Maryland was sentenced to Life in prison. This sentence, imposed by the Honorable Diane Adkins-Tobin, followed a guilty plea on June 22, 2023 to Attempted First Degree Murder. A previous press release indicated that this charge was a result of a vicious attack occurring in November 2022 on Corporal Michael Vesek, a Correctional Deputy at the Harford County Detention Center while Tingler was an inmate there.

Victim impact statements were provided to the court by both Corporal Vesek and Colonel William Davis of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office. Both statements outlined the “profound and lasting” impact this egregious act has had on Corporal Vesek, his family, the law enforcement community, and the community as a whole. Sentencing Guidelines from the Maryland Automated Guidelines Systems (MAGS) for Tingler calculated a range of 25 to 40 years of incarceration. However, State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey argued that this was an appropriate case for an upward deviation from those guidelines, requesting life in prison, citing Tingler’s violent criminal history and the heinous nature of the conduct in this case. Ms. Healey also noted the numerous opportunities for rehabilitation and treatment that have been afforded to Tingler throughout the course of his involvement in the criminal justice system, all of which have been unsuccessful.

During the sentencing, Judge Adkins-Tobin said that a “clear message must be sent to the inmate population that the court will not tolerate” these kinds of “incredibly vicious” acts. She also noted that “there are people who are just plain evil, and that is Mr. Tingler.” She further ordered that Tingler be immediately transferred to the Division of Correction and not held locally while pending additional matters. She thanked Corporal Vesek for his service to Harford County and recognized the vital and sometimes unrecognized role correctional officers play in maintaining the safety of our community.

Following the sentencing hearing, State’s Attorney Healey stated the following: “I commend Corporal Vesek for his bravery today in addressing the court and reliving the attack that he had to endure at the hands of Matthew Tingler. It is my hope that today’s life sentence will bring Corporal Vesek and his family some closure and am relieved that justice was served. Today we sent a strong message that violence in our community and against our law enforcement will not be tolerated. Today was a strong step forward towards a safer Harford County.”


On Thursday, July 27, 2023 Philip Paul Manna III, 43, was found guilty of Driving While Impaired by Alcohol, Driving While Revoked, Driving on a Suspended License, Driving without the Required License, and Driving without an Ignition Interlock as Required.

During the course of a two-day jury trial before the Honorable Judge Alex Allman, evidence was presented that on May 19, 2023, a 911 call was placed by a concerned citizen who observed a vehicle driving erratically in the wrong direction of traffic at extreme rates of speed. The caller advised that the vehicle and its occupant stopped in the “Festival” parking lot in Bel Air, Maryland and that the driver, later identified as Philip Manna III, entered the Spirts & Wine Liquor store before losing sight of the vehicle. Harford County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tabler and Maryland State Police Trooper Dill responded to the registered address of the vehicle approximately ten minutes later and observed Manna seated in the driver’s seat of the vehicle with the running lights on and the driver’s side door open. When Deputy Tabler approached, Manna turned off the vehicle, threw the keys in the back seat and ran toward the residence, leaving an unopened bottle of vodka toward the back driver’s side wheel of the vehicle. Trooper Dill assumed the investigation and questioned Manna on his whereabouts prior to arriving at the residence. Manna indicated that he was coming from the Crazy Tuna restaurant and responded “I don’t know” when asked how much alcohol he had consumed that evening. Manna denied driving the vehicle and refused all standard field sobriety tests. However, Deputy Tabler and Trooper Dill detected the strong smell of alcohol, bloodshot, glassy eyes, and nervous behavior. Manna was placed under arrest for suspected Driving Under the Influence and transported back to the Maryland State Poice Barracks where Manna refused the DR-15 intoximeter test. Sentencing was scheduled for August 2, 2023 and Manna was remanded into custody.

In preparation for sentencing, it came to the attention of Assistant State’s Attorney Vincenzo Culotta, that on the evening of the first day of trial, July 26, 2023, Manna, still without a license, drove to a liquor store in Bel Air. State’s Attorney’s Office Investigator Christopher Gibbons was able to obtain surveillance footage from the liquor store confirming that Manna did, in fact, drive to the location and go into the store while actively being tried for the May 19th incident. Assistant State’s Attorney Culotta presented this information at the sentencing hearing on August 2, 2023, as well as information that Manna had three prior convictions for Driving Under the Influence or Impaired, as well as a previous conviction for Driving without an Ignition Interlock and Malicious Destruction of Property.

Judge Allman sentenced Manna under subsequent offender penalties to 7 years suspend all but 3.5 years of incarceration with the sentencing breakdown as follows:
Driving while Impaired by Alcohol – 5 years, suspend all but 3 years.
Driving while Revoked – 1 year, suspend all but 6 months.
Driving on a Suspended License merged into Driving while Revoked
Driving without Required License merged into Driving while Revoked
Driving without an Ignition Interlock as Required – 1 year suspended
The sentences in all counts were ordered to run consecutively to one another.

State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey thanks Assistant State’s Attorney Vincenzo Culotta for his diligence in pursuing justice and ensuring community safety in this case through his litigation of this trial. Further thanks are extended to Assistant State’s Attorney Rebecca Malkowski for her litigation of the suppression hearing in this matter. She also thanks Deputy Tabler and Trooper Dill for their efforts. “Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol is a senseless and completely preventable crime, while also being a crime that puts the lives of our entire community at risk. As a fourth time offender and given the egregious nature of the defendant’s behavior both during the incident question and while this trial was ongoing, it was imperative that he be removed from the community to ensure the safety of Harford County’s citizens. Our office will continue to pursue significant periods of incarceration for subsequent offenders of any crime that continuously put the citizens of our county at risk.”