Felony Division

The Felony Division prosecutes the most serious crimes committed in our community. The Felony prosecutors bring to trial persons accused of murder, robbery, drug distribution, certain firearms offenses and other serious felonies.

Cases come into the Office of the State’s Attorney, usually as the result of a police investigation, are screened and if appropriate, assigned to prosecutors for presentation to the Grand Jury. A Grand Jury is a group of 23 citizens, picked from the voter and motor vehicle roles, empowered by law to evaluate a criminal matter and decide whether criminal charges should continue through the Circuit Court criminal process. This decision is called an indictment. Prosecutors educate the Grand Jury on various criminal offenses and present the evidence needed for an indictment. Proceedings brought through a Grand Jury are, by law, confidential and may not be disclosed to the public.

Felony Division attorneys are assigned a diverse caseload to maintain litigation experience. Specific attorneys in the Felony Division have training and experience in the specialized areas of homicide, crimes of violence, narcotics and financial investigations. A Felony Division attorney is accessible 24 hours a day to assist law enforcement and is assigned immediately to any investigation requested.

Victim/Witness specialists are also part of the Felony Division and are able to support survivors, family members and witnesses throughout the prosecution process.

Attorneys from the Felony Division handle bail reviews each day, as well as all Post Verdict docket hearings in Circuit Court including violations of probation and post-conviction matters. Felony Division attorneys are also assigned to Circuit Court Drug Treatment Court and the Harford County Narcotics Task Force.