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February 13, 2023, Devon Allen Odell Scott, 40, of Edgewood, Maryland, was convicted of First Degree Rape, Armed Robbery, First Degree Assault, Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence, Illegal Possession of a Regulated Firearm by a Prohibited Person, Wearing, Carrying or Transporting a Handgun in a Vehicle, False Imprisonment, Indecent Exposure, and Theft: $100 to $1500 following a jury trial in the Circuit Court for Harford County. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office investigated and charged Scott with sexually assaulting the 28-year-old victim after she provided him with a ride from Baltimore to the Edgewood area on August 5, 2019.

The victim testified before the Honorable Diane Adkins-Tobin that Scott flagged her down for ride in Baltimore, as she stated that she sometimes works as an unlicensed taxi service in her personal vehicle to earn extra money. Throughout the duration of the trip, Scott refused to commit to a specific house number or road, but asked to be taken to the Edgewood area. Upon arrival to Edgewood, Scott instructed the victim to pull over to a secluded road and displayed a gray semi¬automatic handgun telling the victim that he was not going to kill her, but that she was going to perform oral sex on him. He took money from her, as well as her driver’s license, cell phone, and keys. Scott then forced her to perform oral sex on him, placing the gun next to the passenger side door within his reach. Scott also told the victim to “do it right” and hit her in the head and face with his hands. Scott forced the victim to view pornographic videos on the victim’s cell phone during the incident to show her how he wanted the act to be completed and forced her head down. After sexually assaulting the victim, Scott permitted the victim to spit out his pre-ejaculate fluids, which was later collected for DNA evidence. Scott told the victim to wait ten minutes before leaving, and he would throw her belongings at a nearby stop sign. Following a thorough investigation by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division, Scott was identified by the victim in a photo lineup, as well as by a positive latent fingerprint match from inside of the victim’s vehicle, and DNA evidence recovered from outside of the victim’s vehicle. Scott is further prohibited from possessing a firearm because of prior disqualifying convictions in Baltimore City for Armed Robbery and Robbery.

Judge Adkins-Tobin ordered that Scott be continued to be held without bail and will continue to be housed at the Division of Corrections in Jessup following his convictions. Scott faces up to life in prison for First Degree Rape, 25 years for Armed Robbery due to the filing of enhanced penalties, 25 years for First Degree Assault, 20 years for Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence with the first five years being mandatory without the possibility of parole, 5 years for Illegal Possession of a Regulated Firearm by a Prohibited Person, 3 years for Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting a Handgun in a Vehicle, and 3 years for Indecent Exposure. The remaining counts will merge into the other counts for purposes of sentencing. Sentencing in this matter will be scheduled for a later date.

Following the verdict, State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey stated, “My office is repeatedly proving to our citizens that we will fulfill our promise to hold violent offenders accountable. We will continue to work vigorously to incarcerate violent predators for as long as possible and remove them from our community. There are not adequate words to express the bravery the victim in this case demonstrated by reporting this horrific crime and testifying at trial in this case.”

Ms. Healey thanks Assistant State’s Attorney Angela Diehl for her hard work and advocacy in the prosecution of this case to obtain justice for the victim. The State’s Attorney’s Office would also like to thank Detective Moro, Detective Wilsynski, Sergeant Dietz, and Deputy First Class Jackson of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office for their thorough investigation resulting in this sexually violent offender being brought to justice.


On January 30, 2023, Steven Jay Friedman, 40, of Forest Hill, Maryland was convicted of Second Degree Rape, Sexual Offense in the Third Degree, Second Degree Assault, and Furnishing for or Allowing Underage Consumption following a bench trial in the Circuit Court for Harford County. The charges are the result of a Harford County Sheriff’s Office investigation, which found that Friedman lured a sixteen-year-old neighbor into his home and sexually assaulted her after providing her alcohol on February 18, 2022.

The victim testified during the trial before the Honorable Judge Yolanda L. Curtin that she regularly takes walks in the neighborhood and a resident, identified as Friedman, approached her at approximately 5:00 p.m., stating that he had been watching her take her walks and thought she was very attractive. Friedman invited the victim into his residence to provide her alcohol. While in the residence, Friedman reached under her shirt and bra and touched her breast. The victim testified that she was too intoxicated to say no. Friedman overcame her attempts to resist and performed oral sex on her while digitally penetrating her without her consent. During the incident, Friedman’s family came home, and Friedman interacted with them before escorting the victim out of the residence undetected. The victim preserved video evidence of Friedman providing her alcohol and confirming the sexual contact. Friedman was interviewed by members of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigative Division and admitted to providing the victim alcohol and to the sexual contact.

The Honorable Judge Curtin remanded Friedman to the custody of the Harford County Detention Center following his convictions. Friedman faces up to 20 years of incarceration. Sentencing will be scheduled following the completion of a Pre-Sentence Investigation.

State’s Attorney Alison M. Healey stated after the verdict was pronounced by the Court: “The conviction of Steven Friedman for this heinous and predatory crime gives the victim of this case closure to a difficult chapter that no individual deserves, and especially not a child. We will be seeking a maximum sentence to ensure this sexual predator is removed from our community for the protection of other children and our citizens. I commend the victim and her family for reporting the assault and for the bravery she exhibited by testifying at trial.”

Ms. Healey thanks Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew George for his hard work on this case for the last year and for taking the matter to trial to seek justice for this victim. Ms. Healey further thanks Deputy First Class Mansell, Detective Sergent, and the Harford County Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigative Division for their efforts in thoroughly investigating the case.