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Baltimore Woman Convicted of Firearm/Drug Trafficking Charge


DATE: October 22, 2021
RE: Conviction of Tangier Laquisha Sher Hitchens

(Bel Air, Maryland) – Albert J. Peisinger, Jr., State’s Attorney for Harford County, has announced the conviction of Tangier Laquisha Sher Hitchens, 28, of Baltimore, Maryland, for possession a firearm under sufficient circumstances to constitute a nexus to the drug trafficking crime.

On January 27, 2021, Deputies from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit were conducting surveillance in regard to an ongoing investigation involving Tangier Laquisha Sher Hitchens. During the course of surveillance, Deputies observed Ms. Hitchens driving a dark colored Acura TL. Knowing that there was an active Search and Seizure Warrant for Ms. Hitchens person, a stop of her vehicle was conducted. Ms. Hitchens was detained and a canine scan was conducted of the vehicle which resulted in a positive alert.

The vehicle was searched resulting in the recovery of a satchel located on the front driver’s seat. Located in the satchel was one clear plastic bag containing less than 10 grams of suspected marijuana, one blue glove containing a small amount of cocaine, one clear plastic bag containing a small amount of a heroin and fentanyl mixture, one Rock Island .38 caliber revolver loaded with four rounds, and one box of twenty-eight rounds of .32 caliber ammunition. Further search of the vehicle resulted in the recovery of two digital scales and fifty-five small empty pink containers used for packaging controlled dangerous substances for distribution. A search of Tangier Lauquisha Sher Hitchens resulted in the recovery of one clear plastic bag containing forty-eight oxycodone pills and a partial tablet of Alprazolam.

On October 18, 2021, the Honorable Diane Adkins-Tobin imposed a total sentence of 20 years suspend all but 9 years of incarceration to be served at the Division of Corrections, the first 5 years of which are to be served without the possibility of parole. The Defendant will be on five 5 years of supervised of probation when she is released.

Mr. Peisinger thanked Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Jaskulski-Tripp who prosecuted this matter and commended the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit, Harford County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit, specifically, K-9 Pemi and the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division for their detailed investigation which resulted in the arrest and conviction of Tangier Laquisha Sher Hitchens.