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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 3, 2023 will forever be a historic day in Harford County, as Alison M. Healey was sworn in as the first ever female State’s Attorney. Ms. Healey secured an overwhelming victory against the Republican incumbent in the primary election held on July 19, 2022, by a more than two to one margin. During her investiture held in the Circuit Court for Harford County, Ms. Healey emphasized the historic place she now holds but maintained that “…male or female, I was the most qualified and best candidate for the job, and I could not be more blessed that the citizens of this county confirmed that definitively with their votes.”

Throughout her campaign, Ms. Healey ran on the platform of restoring law and order in Harford County, repairing the relationships between the State’s Attorney’s Office and law enforcement, and being a “champion for victims in our county.” During the ceremony she renewed those commitments. “I can assure you that when the men and women of law enforcement work so diligently, as they always do, to bring cases to the court for prosecution, our office will always strive to hold offenders accountable to our fullest potential… We will ensure that every victim in this county feels compassion, is prepared for every step and phase of their case and knows that they always come first.” Ms. Healey went on to highlight her lifelong history in Harford County and committed to spending the next four years ensuring “…that our County remains a safe place for all our citizens.”